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  1. Laptop Repair Made Easy is a Complete High Definition Video Series on How to Repair Laptops for Fun or Profit ~ Laptop Repair is a Huge Multi-Billion Industry & That Means Lot of $$$ For You)
  2. IBM Trained Expert takes you step by step through repairing Laptop. Diagnosing faults, Troubleshooting motherboard power problems, upgrading, Component level repair, removing ics. Affiliates)
  3. Curso online para APRENDER a REPARAR tanto PC como LAPTOP desde cero e iniciar un negocio de servicios informáticos. Cuenta con área de alumnos, y acceso a asesorías personalizadas de un experto informático. NO SE REQUIERE EXPERIENCIA PREVIA.)
  4. A new approach for reducing the electricity bill by using bitcoin producing machine which pays for electricity and generates usable heat. The tests are great, it's doing great for green energy lovers

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